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Wholesale mobility aid Wollongong may be just what your business is after. Importantly, our mission is to provide solutions. We also provide support and reassurance to people of all ages who face independence and mobility challenges.

We know that we can’t reach everyone. However, we can help other businesses help their clients directly.

Consequently, we offer great pricing on all our products. Importantly, we have the buying power and supply chain that ensures we always deliver what you need. And when you need it.

Who we supply to

Twindle supplies to healthcare professionals, assisted living companies and aged care facilities.

Additionally, we supply to rehab workers and local pharmacies. Do you own a chemist and have thought about stocking a wider range of mobility aids to meet your client’s needs? Twindle’s wholesale option may be what you are looking for. Importantly, our wholesale options can work for a small regional shop or metro aged care centre.

Delivery options

We can deliver to your door FREE or provide drop shipping direct to your customers*. As such, please contact us to workout what arrangement is best for you.


Our pricing structures and supplier plans are designed to suit your  needs including:

  • No minimum order quantity on first wholesale purchase
  • Competitive rates
  • Pricing tiers based on order quantity
  • Drop shipping*

*Drop shipping has terms and conditions so please contact us to discuss.

All Twindle mobility aids come with a 12 month manufacturing warranty. Importantly, this gives you and your clients certainty and comfort.

Finally, contact Twindle today to discuss how we can help your business grow. Remember, wholesale mobility aid Wollongong as your trusted provider of assisted living technology.